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kingbali have been committed to developing new energy products, and ac

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kingbali will attend the hktdc electronics fair (fall edition) on octo

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the strength of brand innovation science and technology will ne

       thermal interface material business unit:research and develop super high thermal interface material. the products with excellent perfomance.meanwhile, make the thermal design for international customers and recommend relative material.

emi business unit:supply full range of the electromagnetic shielding material, wave absorb material, emc &emi material . makethe emi design for the wireless charger and supply customised material for customers.

polymer business unit:research and develop modifed polymer plaistcs with super high thermal conductivity, wear resistance, high strength. also supply customized polymer.

adhesive & coating business unit:supply various kinds of kingbali brand double side adhesive tape, high themral conducvivity thermal tape,copper and alumium foil tape, conductive tapes, conductive fabric tapes, conductive non fabric tapes and special tapes development.

       die cutting business unit:full automative rotary and import large dimensio die cutting machines, thousand grade clean workshop

graphite sheets and graphene business unit:research and develop super high thermal conductivity graphite and new coating graphite relative produts and the graphene.

r&d center: there are 12 r&d laboratories, the new r&d building  is under construction in august 2016 and will be completed  in november 2017. at present, we have obtained the title of urban r&d center and r&d center.

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guangdong kingbali new material co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise which belongs to hongkong liwung company, also the largest high-performance "thermal materials" and "wave-absorbing materials" manufacturer in the southtern of china. in the development of technology...

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